History hand in hand with today´s world

A modern solution with

respect for the old days. 

Our team is a group of people tied together by a common vision, personal responsibility, hard work and an ability to spot a once in a lifetime opportunity. That is how we turned this project into reality. We were able to combine history, modern design and comfort in order to create unique residential apartments, ready to accommodate just about any client, regardless of their demands.

What are we proud of:

Respect for history 

The dominating feature of the building is without a doubt the beautiful and impressive original staircase. Many other elements of the historical building including the main door were delicately refurbished in order to preserve the unique atmosphere of the 16th century palace. To keep the incomparable atmosphere of the palace intact, many other elements of the historical building were also delicately refurbished, for example the doorway leading into the residential palace.

Modern design with emphasis on comfort

Every apartment has its own unique and tasteful design. With primary focus on connecting comfort and utilization, the modern design of the apartments was underscored by iconic pieces from a selection of world renowned brands and studios.

Omnipresent genius loci

It is no wonder that the Malá Strana area has an atmosphere incomparable to the rest of the city. It is home to a myriad of fairy tales, legends and old myths, which explain the magical feeling you get when strolling through its streets.

Amenities & Services

The building also offers a large fitness centre with finnish sauna, steam room and full time reception with services of the property manager.

Everything what you need is there ready for you. Fully equiped large gym with newest machine where cardio zone is not missing. 

For Sauna and steam room your towels and sauna linen are ready for you there to use.  Your can just sit back, relax and enjoy the hospitality of Pinkas Palace. 

All of that in the heart of an iconic historical part of Prague.



Throughout its rich history, Pinkas Palace served as the home of the Buquoy family, famous renaissance painter Daniel Alexius from Květná, or the rich lawyer family of Pinkas to name a few. The building’s character today is an amalgam of its rich history, current modern design and authentic atmosphere.

Brand new, fully equipped, luxurious apartments on the picturesque island of Kampa, right next to the Charles Bridge. The building itself is also equipped with a large fitness centre, finnish sauna, steam room, elavators and property manager services for your maximized comfort.


First written record about the palace


A new part of house is built


A large reconstruction takes place


Another large reconstruction takes place


House sold by Pinkas and used as a warehouse


PPF Reality becomes the new owner